Forum – Gaza in Context. The duty of Solidarity in the West. Friday 20 October, 5pm

University of Sydney New Law School Lecture Theatre 106 and online (registration details below)

In the escalating crisis, with Palestinians being made the objects of genocidal violence, and thousands already killed, the conflict in Gaza has been misrepresented and decontextualized. This in-person and online forum will hear from Palestinian, Jewish and other speakers expert in the history and context of the Gaza conflict and apartheid in Israel, and explain the importance of the Israel boycott campaign, including in universities.


Mohammed (Gazan student currently in Egypt)

Dr Ihab Shalbak (University of Sydney)

Rand (University of Sydney student)

Dr Jamal Nabulsi (University of Queensland) 

Dr Ronit Lentin (Trinity College Dublin) 

Dr Lucia Sorbera (University of Sydney)

Dr Nick Riemer (University of Sydney) 

Zoom registration link:…/tZYlc…

On-campus location:

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